Night shade coin set是在2011年出的。

其實這組硬幣在購買之前我就搜到教學了,它的構成是基於split coin再進行修正改進並與其他gaffed coin組合,我是覺得還蠻有創意的。




graig petty - night shade coin set2





包含一枚光碟,還有四枚gaffed coin




兩枚銀銅的Split coin,因為銷邊過所以還可對調,變成兩枚C/S coin。

這是最大的特點吧~因為拿一般的銅與銀兩種split coin你是沒辦法對齊的。



這是Unexpanded penny跟銷邊過的Penny。

另外,shell當然可以cover金銀兩枚split coin且slide出一邊的split coin。這也是這組套幣獨到之處。很像johnny wong的trinity。




Triple C (三幣飛越)- Imagine performing a coins across with a Chinese Coin, a Copper Coin and a Silver coin. ow imagine the spectator deciding the order that the coins travel. 

Commercial Copper Silver (銅銀換位)- The cleanest transposition sequence you will EVER see. A copper and a silver coin change places in full view over and over again. Pure eye candy

Double Kicker (一銅一銀變雙古幣)- A copper and a silver coin materialise out of nowhere. Just when the spectator thinks they know where the coins are they change into two Chinese coins!

Night Shade (銅幣三飛)- The feature routine in Craig's award winning competition act. Three coins are produced, jump from fingertips to fingertips and finally vanish leaving your hands completely empty.

Shades of Imagination - A coin effect that happens entirely in the spectator's imagination featuring an ending that you have to see to believe.

Night Worker - This routine is worth the price of the DVD alone. A complete act designed for the restaurant worker that takes The humble coin flurry in an entirely new direction.


ANYWAY,很棒很超值的一組套幣!! 我給99分。


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